Judge Jeanine Pirro said in her Opening Statement that voters will be influenced on Tuesday by either the results yielded by the Trump administration, or the way things are getting done.

Pirro said that those on the left "prefer interpretation over facts" because they "hate" the president.

"You're so blinded by hateful vitriol and disappointed by your 2016 loss that you can't see straight," she said.

She commended Trump's "relentless" promise-keeping with just two days to go before the midterms.

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"He promised us jobs and he gave them to us. He promised he’d move the [U.S.] Embassy to Jerusalem and he did," she said. "He promised he’d rebuild the military and he did."

Judge Jeanine said that through the successes of Trump's presidency, liberals focus on his style.

"I thought that liberals were 'live and let live.' Why do you care about how Donald Trump chooses to lead?" she said. "Why are you so focused on your hatred of him? Why do you dismiss his results?"

She said that Republicans are not paying attention to any of the "noise" from Democrats and asked voters if they're ready to "challenge history," similar to 2016.

"If you like the direction this country is on, put the pedal to the medal and get you and everyone you know out to vote. Vote for the America that is great again."

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