Pollster Frank Luntz said Sunday on MediaBuzz that as the midterm elections draw closer, America has become "a blame game society."

Luntz hosted focus groups on HBO's Vice News leading up to Tuesday's elections and said that he hasn't conducted a session without people yelling at one another.

He told host Howard Kurtz that there seems to be anger and a lack of control in politics today.

"There is no decorum anymore. There are no limits anymore, so we feel like we have the right and even the responsibility to shout and I wonder what that means the day after the election," Luntz said.

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The pollster noted that most of the record amount of money spent on the off-year election has been for "negative ads and abusiveness."

"These debates have degenerated, and I'm afraid," he said.

He added that it's the American public's fault for the country's political divisiveness, as people are placing blame on each other.

"It's wrong if we do it on the right, it's wrong if we do it on the left," he said.

Luntz also said that people today are getting their information from the media to affirm, rather than inform.

"That is the core problem that is contributing," he said. "The other part is, there is no civics. Our kids are not being taught about history, about politics, about elections, and we're suffering.

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