With the midterm elections just days away, Mark Levin stressed to his viewers that the media was "crucially" important in the United States.

"What kind of soldier are you?" he asked. "Are you a soldier for liberty or not? Because that's what this election's all about."

He said that the Founding Fathers understood the meaning of liberty, the limitations of government and what was meant by a free press.

Levin also praised the pamphleteers of the past, saying that they were true patriots.

He said that the pamphleteers were against tyranny who had a "big cause" of "founding an independent United States."

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Levin said that the media today doesn't talk about issues like individual liberty, private property rights or natural law.

He said the media typically pushes "the progressive left agenda" or criticizes the president, and that it's a big problem.

"So this election is not only about defeating many, many radicals that the Democrats have nominated. Some of them are outright bigots," he said. "But it's also about pushing back against the media that has no comprehension whatsoever what freedom of the press means, the history of freedom of the press and why it's so important."

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