Syndicated radio host Dennis Prager said that President Trump is driving the left crazy and drawing the line for being unapologetic in his words and actions.

Prager -- who's film "No Safe Spaces" with comedian Adam Carolla explores the suppression of free speech on college campuses -- said to Tucker Carlson that Trump "marches on" despite any backlash from the left.

"[Trump] has said some ridiculous things, even some bad things. Fully acknowledged," said Prager. "Nevertheless, he does not apologize to the left. He is the ultimate nemesis of the left because he doesn't care what they say."

He said that those on the left wish invoking fear to President Trump would work, and they then resort to more aggressive tactics.

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Prager said that today, there's more fear of those on the left than "the fear of God."

"There's a vicious cycle taking place on the part of -- not of liberals -- but of leftists," said Prager, who is also the founder of nonprofit PragerU.

Carolla added that it's "insane" that the left has talked people into thinking they need to preface every talking point with a defense.

"Why do we have to prove that to [a] nut job who's arguing with you and who's got you on your heels because you have to make sure that they know you're not a racist?"

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