CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta said a Trump supporter offered him an apology at a rally Wednesday in Fort Myers, Florida.

Merlin, alongside his wife Eileen, went up to Acosta after Trump spoke to say he was sorry for flipping off Acosta at a rally over the summer in Tampa. 

"I just wanted to apologize for flipping you off in Tampa. ... I got carried away," said Merlin, who wore a Make America Great Again hat. 

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He told Acosta he was "asking for facts, not opinions."

"That's all we want," said Eileen, who wore a USA hat and held up a pink "Women for Trump" sign. 

Acosta accepted the apology and thanked the couple, telling them he hoped to see them again. 

Melissa Francis said the moment should be celebrated, hoping that the tone might change for the better after the midterm elections. 

"It has to start somewhere," said Dagen McDowell, though she added that she doesn't expect the media coverage to change. 

In other videos shared by Acosta on his Twitter account, Trump supporters at the rally expressed the opposite sentiments, including people asking him about George Soros and whether he is paid by the CIA

Acosta has pushed back on President Trump calling the media "the enemy of the people," including pressing Sarah Sanders on Trump's recent rhetoric earlier this week. 

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