President Trump was challenged on his "enemy of the people" label for the mainstream media by Axios' Jim VandeHei. 

In an interview that will air in full on Sunday on HBO, Trump was asked by VandeHei repeatedly about whether he should town the rhetoric in light of recent events.

"I have to fight back," Trump countered. 

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"What happens if all of a sudden somebody shoots one of these reporters? Honestly. I don't think you think we're the enemy of the people," VandeHei continued, pointing to his colleague Jonathan Swan. 

"I don't," Trump answered, adding "if you give me false reports, I would say that's not a good thing for our country."

VandeHei asked again whether Trump worries that one of his supporters may take it too far. 

"It's my only form of fighting back," Trump answered, explaining he used the same strategy to get elected in 2016. 

According to Axios, Trump said he believes he's "doing a service" by calling out the media and that his supporters like those statements. 

Last week, a Trump supporter in Florida was arrested for mailing bombs to prominent Democrats and to CNN. On Saturday, a man who was angered by the migrant caravan attacked a Pittsburgh synagogue, killing 11 Jewish worshipers. 

Swan, discussing the clip on "Special Report," said Trump made it clear that he is not concerned about the potential consequences of his rhetoric. 

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