Fox News Channel is America's Election Headquarters, and the special coverage of Tuesday's midterm elections kicks off this Sunday.

Starting Sunday at 5:00pm ET, the co-hosts of "The Five" broadcast live from Fox Square in New York City, examining the biggest issues facing the nation ahead of the midterms.

At 8:00pm ET, Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum anchor a live hour of election coverage, analyzing the key races that will decide which party controls the House and Senate.

Then at 9:00pm ET, Steve Hilton hosts “Countdown to the Midterms," a live "Next Revolution" audience special that will feature a rotating panel of guests to discuss what's on voters minds as they head to the polls.

On "Life, Liberty & Levin" at 10:00pm ET, Mark Levin delivers a special monologue and gets insight and analysis from pollster John McLaughlin.

Join Baier and MacCallum Tuesday night at 6:00pm ET as race calls stream in from the Fox News Decision Desk.

Stay with America's Election Headquarters for powerful coverage of the midterm elections.

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