In his opening monologue Thursday, Tucker Carlson called out the mainstream media and Democrats for increasingly embracing identity politics.

He pointed to recent comments by MSNBC analysts Eddie Glaude and Mara Gay, in which they harshly blamed "white voters" for President Trump's election, and CNN host Don Lemon's remark Monday that right-wing white men are the "biggest terror threat to this country."

"There was a time not so long ago, just a few years ago really, when language like this was considered textbook race hatred, even by liberal Democrats," Carlson said. "You weren't allowed to blame entire races of people for anything. You weren't even supposed to think of your fellow Americans primarily in terms of their race."

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He said the message coming from the left now is loud and clear: "Identity is everything."

He said many Democrats are campaigning on that message, and they clearly are unconcerned that many Americans disagree.

"They no longer care what those Americans think. They've given up on trying to represent them," Carlson said. "And that's why they fight harder to defend birthright citizenship for foreigners than they ever fought to protect American citizens from heroin or plunging middle class wages or privacy-destroying tech monopolies."

He said that strategy may work in the short-term -- possibly in Tuesday's midterm elections -- but Americans eventually will reject that message.

"Voters want you to care about them. It's their country. And they'll know it if you don't care about them. And in the end, they will punish you for that. They always do."

Watch the monologue above.

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