A high school student spoke out Thursday on "Fox & Friends" about a politically-charged question given on his English class's vocabulary exam. 

The exam required the St. Augustine High School students to fill in the blanks in sentences with the assigned words, including "volte-face," which means an abrupt and complete reversal of attitude.

To illustrate that, Parham's teacher phrased the question: "Right when it appeared the nation was becoming increasingly tolerant of alternative lifestyles, immigration, and minorities, the vocal and angry right wing forced the nation to make a complete ________, embracing bigotry, xenophobia, and sexism."

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 According to News 6 in Orlando, the St. Johns Public Schools administrators are handling the matter internally with the teacher.

The principal at the school told the teacher to remember the "importance of exercising good judgment when facilitating subjects that are of sensitive nature."

Parham's mother, Reanna, shared a photo of the question on Facebook, with many agreeing it was objectionable and offensive to Republicans.

"It's very unfair to make a statement like that, especially to students who may not know any better," Logan told Steve Doocy and Ainsley Earhardt.

Logan, who helped start the Republican club at his school, said he felt "threatened" by the question, arguing teachers should teach the material without forcing their political opinions onto students.

Watch the full interview above.

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