Oprah Winfrey delivered a passionate stump speech Thursday for Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, who is looking to become the nation's first black female governor.

The talk show icon, who's been rumored as a presidential candidate in recent years, spoke at an event in Marietta with Abrams, who is in a close race with Republican Brian Kemp.

She highlighted the importance of positive messaging by candidates, and she encouraged all Americans to make their voices heard by voting on Tuesday.

On "The Five," Jesse Watters said Winfrey is an amazing and charismatic speaker, and he believes her endorsement will push Abrams across the finish line.

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"If she was a Republican and she was running against Trump in the primary, I'd have a tough decision to make," Watters quipped. "She's got a lot of energy. She's really convincing people. There's something about her that's just magnetic. This is really going to make [Abrams], I think, the next governor of the state of Georgia."

He speculated that Winfrey may feel a little "guilty" after she "sat on the sidelines" in 2016 and did not do much to help Hillary Clinton.

"She goes, 'I only back candidates that I feel inspired by and that are authentic.' And notice who she didn't campaign for is Hillary Clinton," Watters said.

Juan Williams noted that midterms often see lower voter turnouts among minorities, young people and women, and he believes Winfrey is a "strong voice" that can reach those people.

He said that Winfrey's comments about voter suppression, in particular, will resonate in a state where that has been a concern in the past.

Watch more from "The Five" above.

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