Missouri Senate candidate Josh Hawley (R) pushed back Thursday after his opponent, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), shifted her tone toward President Trump in the campaign's closing days.

Speaking to Bret Baier this week, McCaskill said the Central American migrant caravans must be stopped at the border, as President Trump has promised to do with U.S. troops assisting Border Patrol agents.

"I think the president has to use every tool he has at his disposal, and I 100% back him up on that, whether it is turning them back, because we are not equipped to handle that many asylum claims into our system. ... I do not want our borders overrun and I support the president's efforts to make sure they're not," she said. 

Also in that interview, McCaskill touted the fact that she voted in favor of more than 70 percent of Trump's judicial nominees and supported half of his cabinet picks. 

"I vote with him half the time," she said, adding that Trump has signed 38 of her bills into law and that she's not "knee-jerk" against the president like other Democrats. 

"I don't get up every day figuring out how to fight against the president, I get up every day figuring out how I can fight for Missourians," she claimed.

Hawley, currently the state attorney general, responded on "America's Newsroom," calling McCaskill's shift in tone a "bunch of nonsense."

He said McCaskill votes with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer "90 percent of the time" and has a "liberal left record" on the key issues like taxes, Supreme Court nominees, tariffs and immigration.

"Almost all Democrats vote with the president quote-unquote half the time, when it's renaming the local post office. ... Senator McCaskill has been against this president and against our state on every issue that matters," said Hawley, noting that the Democratic Party is spending more money than anywhere else to get McCaskill re-elected. 

The race is a virtual tie in the polls and is crucial for the balance of power in the Senate. President Trump is set hold a rally for Hawley Thursday night in Columbia. 

Watch the full interview above.