President Trump announced Thursday that, in response to what he called the "crisis at our southern border" and a surge of fraudulent asylum claims, his administration would require asylum-seekers to "lawfully present themselves" at a port of entry.

Trump's statement -- which comes just days before the midterm elections -- appears to be in response to a caravan of thousands of migrants headed toward the U.S. border.

Trump said he would issue a "comprehensive" executive order next week on immigration-related matters, including his asylum plan.

Fox News contributor and former Education Secretary Bill Bennett said the president is "absolutely right" to take a tough stance on illegal immigration and asylum-seekers.

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"Difficult times require strong leadership. And these are very difficult times, and this has been a very difficult problem," Bennett said on "The Story" Thursday.

He noted that under the current system, illegal immigrants who apply for asylum -- even if their claims are fraudulent -- have been allowed into the U.S. pending the adjudication of their claims.

"People touch the ground, they are released, and then 600,000 or 800,000 people are wandering around the United States. They never come back for a hearing," Bennett said.

He said this is an issue Congress has failed to resolve, and the president is "absolutely right" to address it.

"People are saying he's too tough. Well, sometimes you need Mother Teresa, sometimes you need Dirty Harry."

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