Former ICE Director Tom Homan said Wednesday on Outnumbered Overtime that President Trump is right to deploy troops to the U.S. border as reinforcements.

More than 5,000 troops will be sent to the southern border to perform logistical and support functions as the migrant caravan continues to make its way north.

Homan said that the current caravan is "more sophisticated" than those in the past and appear to be "organized at a high level."

"They're learning from the loopholes that Congress fails to fix," he said, predicting that the groups will arrive in weeks, not months. 

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Homan added that the military will be important in stopping potential drug smugglers within the caravan.

"This is national security. This is more than illegal immigration," he said.

President Trump has repeatedly called for the caravan to retreat, tweeting on Wednesday that there are "many more troops coming."

Homan said that with more troops at the border, a larger number of Border Patrol agents can carry out their law enforcement duties. He said when a large number of individuals show up at the border, it ties up Border Patrol resources, allowing drug smuggler to operate in other areas. 

He explained that's why the military assistance will be critical. 

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