New Jersey Senate candidate Bob Hugin (R) said Wednesday on Your World that his Democratic opponent, Sen. Bob Menendez, is "corrupt."

Hugin told Charles Payne that people in his state are realizing that change is possible and that they know "they can do better."

"The people of New Jersey are realizing there's really an opportunity for change here," he said. "Twenty-five years in Washington and the state's dead last, getting the least back from Washington, and you have a senator who has just been corrupt if you think about it."

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Hugin went on to say that his opponent "talks about things," but ultimately his state has "accomplished nothing."

"Now with the latest tax increases from the governor in the last year, seniors are leaving at accelerated rates. It's time for change," he said.

Hugin added that he doesn't think it's right for President Trump to try restricting birthright citizenship through an executive order.

"That deserves a much broader discussion and we should have a right process of doing that," he said.

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