Tucker Carlson said Tuesday that "creepy porn lawyer" Michael Avenatti is seeking "refuge in audacity" after it was reported that he's gearing up for a potential presidential run.

Politico reported that Stormy Daniels' attorney is getting help from "veteran Democratic advisers" to "enable a 2020 presidential bid."

"Maybe the 'creepy porn president' will do better than the 'creepy porn lawyer' has done," Carlson said.

Avenatti told Politico that he's "battle-tested, unlike some of the other likely candidates."

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Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce said on Tucker Carlson Tonight that high-profile Democrats are advising Avenatti because money might be involved.

"Clearly for the Democrats, the bar has become very, very low," she said. "It's so low [that] it's on the floor."

Avenatti has been hit with a variety of legal and personal woes as of late.

His former law firm was evicted from its California offices last week due to unpaid rent, and he was also referred for criminal investigation by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) over potential false statements to Congress.

"[Avenatti] might be a perfect Democrat candidate because that's what the Democrats do to the country. They get in there, they bankrupt us, they ruin our lives and everything is worse," Bruce said, adding that Democrats are "desperate."

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