In his opening monologue on Monday, Tucker Carlson said a different "type" of America was proven to exist following the massacre at a Pennsylvania synagogue over the weekend.

"The America of cable news and social media," as Carlson called it, had some of its members rush to the tragic scene in order to leverage it for political gain.

"They make snap judgments on the basis of incomplete evidence in order to implicate their political opponents in crimes they did not commit," he said.

Fear and rage are used in the alternate version of America, Carlson added, to "commit moral blackmail."

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Carlson said political operatives want to take charge over the free speech of everyday American citizens.

"This is how free speech dies, and free thought along with it," he said, adding that their goal is to have "obedient serfs chirping the party line."

He said that all Americans have the right to express their views, "regardless of what Twitter thinks."

"It's our birthright. It's the most important freedom we have," he said. "Free expression does not cause extremism. It solves extremism."

Watch more of Carlson's monologue above.

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