The Five on Monday discussed the messaging by Democrats and Republicans with the midterm elections just over one week away.

President Trump stated at a rally in Illinois over the weekend that the midterms will be focused on the economy and on the border.

"This election is about borders, and this election is about jobs," he said.

Trump is also scheduled to hold rallies in a slew of states in the coming days, in hopes of ramping up the GOP's message before Nov. 6.

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Greg Gutfeld said that the Democrats "lack any message" and described Trump as a "political personal trainer."

"He gets you out of bed, full of caffeine and sends you to the polls," Gutfeld said.

Dana Perino said that the Democrats' message ahead of the midterms is on health care.

"They are all in on this, they're not going to pay attention to the caravans, et cetera," she said. "We are past the persuasion stage. We are completely at 'get out the vote.’"

She added that Trump rallying ahead of next Tuesday will benefit the Senate, but might not help the GOP's fight for the House due to the amount of money being raised by Democrats.

"The Democrats' map is expanding in the House," she said. "Very tight races, now they have to put money into them. And they're trying to figure out how can we actually try to match this money."

Watch the discussion from The Five above.

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