President Trump sat down with Laura Ingraham on Monday to discuss the top issues facing the country just one week before the critical midterm elections.

One of the most controversial issues ahead of the midterms is the migrant caravan that continues to inch closer to the U.S. border.

Despite Trump's deployment of 5,200 troops to the border to assist Homeland Security and the Border Patrol, the caravan is still advancing.

"People that are in gangs, we don’t want them in this country," he said. "If they want to come into the country, you have to apply like other people."

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The president tweeted on Monday that the media is causing "great anger in our country" following the massacre at a Pittsburgh synagogue over the weekend.

The shooting followed the arrest of a Trump supporter accused of mailing bombs to prominent Democrats and CNN.

He rejected responsibility for both incidents and also denied having any connections to anti-Semitism.

"I moved the [U.S.] Embassy to Jerusalem, making Jerusalem the capital of Israel and I just did that," Trump said. "Now, how many presidents said they were going to do it and they never did it?"

Watch more of the president’s interview with Laura Ingraham below.

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