The Five on Monday discussed Hillary Clinton's remark on Friday saying that she'd still "like to be president."

The former secretary of state made the comment during an event in New York City with tech website Recode.

After she replied "No, no" when asked if she wanted to run again for president, she added "Well, I’d like to be president."

Dana Perino said Clinton's comments show that she wants to be in the Oval Office, but does not want to go through the process of getting there.

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Clinton ruled out a potential 2020 run last year, telling CBS News that she is "done with being a candidate."

"This is the ultimate arrogance," Greg Gutfeld said. "She's saying, 'just make me president.'"

Perino added that each time Clinton waffles on a presidential bid, it "prevents someone from being able to emerge."

Brian Kilmeade said that it sounds like Clinton is "laying the groundwork" for another run for president, something Juan Williams disagreed with.

"Your fantasies are out of control," he said. "She clearly said she's not running."

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