As Republicans and Democrats make their closing arguments to voters before next week's midterm elections, Brit Hume said the news of the past week and President Trump's reactions to the news may be more important than the candidates on the ballots.

"As we parse the issues and determine which side emphasizes what, the looming presence in this election -- and perhaps the dominant factor -- is none other than the president of the United States," Hume said Monday on "America's Newsroom."

He said that even though Trump is not on the ballot, people's feelings about the current president are a very important factor in how they vote in a midterm election.

"So as you watch these ... hideous events from the past week and people's reaction to them, the president's reaction to them, those things may be at least as important, maybe more important, than anything the candidates are saying on the trail," Hume said.

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The midterms come just a little more than a week after a gunman killed multiple people at a Pittsburgh synagogue, and about two weeks after a man sent a series of package bombs to prominent Democrats.

Trump has condemned both men and called for them to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. In a series of tweets, Trump blamed the "fake news" media for dividing Americans and causing "great anger" with their "dishonest reporting."

Hume said Trump is "campaigning up a storm" and appearing at rallies across the country, in an attempt to drive Republican voter turnout.

He said that former President Bill Clinton had a similar strategy in 1994, but Democrats still lost the House in what was considered a major upset.

"It's a little hard to measure the effect of a president's campaigning. And President Trump obviously thinks he's doing the right thing, and maybe in the age of Trump, it is," Hume said. "We don't know whether we're living in a new age in which everything is different or not, and this election will tell us something about that."

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