Al Sharpton said President Trump's Young Black Leadership Summit was "shameful," and he accused the president of "using" young African-American conservatives as "props."

Appearing on MSNBC, Sharpton said Friday's White House "photo op" was "among the lowest things" that Trump could do.

He said Trump used the event as a campaign rally, instead of discussing the issues that are important to black youth, such as criminal justice reform, student loan debt and the gun violence epidemic in Chicago.

"They're in there talking about 'CNN sucks,' they're in there talking about 'build a wall.' So why do you need a young black summit to do it?" Sharpton said. "Because it was not a summit. It was a Make America Great [Again] rally. They used some young blacks as props, which really is an insult to them."

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On "Fox & Friends" Monday, Brandon Tatum, director of urban engagement for Turning Point USA, said he helped organize the summit, and it was a "special" and "historic" four-day event.

"Four hundred black leaders from all over the country able to be in the White House and hear from the president," Tatum said, adding it was a gathering of enthusiastic, inspiring free thinkers.

He said he has a message for Sharpton: "He should be ashamed of himself."

"This was a great thing. And anybody who would counter that and have a problem with that, that person is not a respectful person to the African-American people, the African-American youth. And they should all be ashamed of themselves."

On "Fox & Friends First," Fox News political analyst Gianno Caldwell also took issue with Sharpton's comments.

He said what's really "shameful" is that Democrats have had a stranglehold on the African-American vote for decades, but the party has failed to make a major difference in the lives of those voters.

He said there's a shift happening in the black community, and conservative groups like Turning Point USA are reminding black voters that they do not automatically have to vote Democrat.

"They've turned that narrative on its head. So now you're getting two options. And that's what we need. We need Democrats and Republicans making legitimate and authentic efforts for the black vote," Caldwell said. "And I'm very excited to see this on the Republican side."

"I think this is ... truly something that we can look forward to seeing more of from this administration."

Watch more reaction to the summit and Sharpton's comments in the clips above.

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