Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto touted his city's resiliency at a press conference on Sunday following the deadly shooting that took place at a synagogue on Saturday.

Robert Bowers, the alleged gunman, reportedly entered the Tree of Life synagogue in Squirrel Hill and opened fire during a Shabbat service, killing 11 people.

"Pittsburgh is a strong town. We are a resilient city," Peduto said. "We have been knocked down, and we have found ways to stand back up."

Peduto called Saturday the "darkest day" in the city's history and ensured its residents that they could overcome the tragedy by working together.

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He also called the Jewish community within Squirrel Hill the "backbone" of the neighborhood, and part of the fabric of Pittsburgh.

A report by The New York Times said that Bowers wrote anti-Semitic remarks on a social media platform.

Peduto also commended his city's medics who assisted at the crime scene, as well as the officers who helped from surrounding counties.

He thanked non-Pittsburgh residents, too, for sending their condolences and prayers.

"We know that we, as a society, are better than this. We know that hatred will never win out," Peduto said.

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