Republican congressional candidate Jay Webber (N.J.) said Saturday on Fox & Friends that he believes the letter he received threatening his seven children is the act of a coward.

Webber was reportedly sent the letter on Tuesday and warned to "get out of politics."

"What the f--k is wrong with you … s---bag?" the typed letter read. "You BETTER hope that you don’t win! Or else. How many kids do you have… 7? Unlucky 7. This is what we think of you. Time to get out of politics."

Webber said that he and his family "are not going to get bullied" by anyone.

"This is likely the act of a coward who is kind of letting off some steam," he said.

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According to, Webber has integrated his family into his campaign and featured them in some of his ads.

He said on Saturday that people have lost the ability to separate "what unites us as Americans" with "what becomes criminal behavior."

"We've got to stop this violence that we're seeing," he said. "Antifa, the hard left, shutting down people because of their opinions. That's the problem in this country."

He added that his campaign is going to "stay on-message" in the final days before the midterm elections.

"We're going to cut taxes, create jobs, keep this economy roaring. Secure that border," he said.

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