A man whose parents emigrated to California in the 1970s is seeking to become the first Muslim Republican in Congress, attempting to unseat Democratic Rep. Scott Peters.

Omar Qudrat, whose parents came to Los Angeles from Afghanistan, is a former Department of Defense counter-terrorism prosecutor and served in Afghanistan as a civilian in 2011-12.

Qudrat said Thursday that the media is trying to give his opponent a "free pass," lamenting the failed liberal policies that have brought the state "to near total destruction," with rising homelessness in major cities and an "exodus" of small businesses. 

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Qudrat said Peters wants to "stoke social tensions" and make Republicans feel they're "racist" for wanting tougher border security. He said illegal drugs, like fentanyl, are coming across the border every day and San Diegans are dying as a result. 

He said Peters is avoiding a debate with him because he cannot go "toe-to-toe" with him on important issues. 

Qudrat said the race will be decided by "independent thinkers" in the San Diego area and he believes his story is exactly what Democrats praise about America. 

"I am a minority. I am the son of immigrants. I am everything Democrats want to see in America, right? I am formally asking for a contribution from the DNC," he said. 

Watch the "Fox & Friends First" interview above. 

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