Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) said on "America's Newsroom" that both sides are responsible for the worsening political climate in the country. 

Reacting to the string of suspicious packages - some containing crude "potential explosive devices" - sent to prominent Democrats, Kennedy said President Trump has used "hot rhetoric" at his campaign rallies. 

But he said Democrats have done the same, including Hillary Clinton, actress Kathy Griffin and other Democratic lawmakers who called for their supporters to confront Republicans. 

Sanders: 'Disgraceful' for CNN Exec to Try to Blame Pres. Trump for Suspicious Packages

The FBI said Wednesday that it identified at least seven suspicious packages addressed to prominent Democratic figures over the last three days. Three more packages were discovered Thursday, bumping the total number to 10.

The intended recipients included Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Robert De Niro, Rep. Maxine Waters and former CIA Director John Brennan, who was sent a parcel at CNN's headquarters. 

Kennedy lamented that the situation has gotten to this point. 

"I'm sorry for America. ... We ought to dial it down a notch," he said, expressing confidence that the FBI will catch the person or persons responsible. 

He then responded to Brennan, who called out Trump Thursday for using "inflammatory rhetoric, insults, lies, & encouragement of physical violence."

"Does President Trump use hot political rhetoric? Yes, but Secretary Clinton - which is her right - said we shouldn't be civil to the Republican Party. ...  I don't believe in this tit-for-tat. The rhetoric in this country is hot. All sides are responsible for it. Even under the best of circumstances, we ought to bring it down," he said.  

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