Greg Gutfeld said Wednesday on The Five that Democrats need Republicans to act as "the bad guys" when it comes to the growing migrant caravan headed toward the country's southern border.

He first noted past remarks from former President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) that opposed illegal immigration.

Gutfeld said that when those comments were made, the Democratic officials were acting like “adults” because they were in charge.

"Now no longer in power, they depend on the Republicans to play grown-up, and they can be the kids," he said.

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Gutfeld said the Democrats have offered "emotionally lopsided" views of the massive caravan, and then smear those with opposing opinions.

He added that "it's all theater," and that Democrats aren't worried about consequences of the caravan because Republicans and U.S. Border Patrol will end up "being the bad guys ... and bail them out."

"The fact is, the Democrats need Republicans to be the bad guys -- i.e. the adults -- so the Democrats can hold dumb stances they don't even like."

He said that within the "theater," the villains are critical thinkers, and its hero would be "the progressive who pushes emotion without consequence."

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