Democratic National Committee Deputy Chairman Keith Ellison's ex-girlfriend spoke out Tuesday on Tucker Carlson Tonight, where she detailed alleged abuse at the hands of the Minnesota congressman and the social blacklisting that apparently followed.

Carlson, who said accuser Karen Monahan is a liberal Democrat like Ellison, asked how her fellow Democrats have treated her since she came out with her story.

"You had said publicly that since coming forward with your claims against Keith Ellison, you were in effect blacklisted by fellow Democrats," he said.

Monahan said that letters and postings on social media largely show that people do not believe her, including folks that she has campaigned for in the past.

"It's pretty apparent that there's been a lot of bullying, harassment and isolation by many folks I stood side by side with," she said.

Among the alleged incidents of harassment, Monahan said Ellison dragged her off of their bed and swore loudly at her.

She said it was recorded on video but she will not share it publicly because it is "my pain."

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Her attorney, Andrew Parker, ripped the DNC for deferring an investigation to the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party in Minnesota -- of which Ellison is a member.

An attorney hired by the DFL Party investigated the claims and found them unsubstantiated, Parker said.

Parker said the investigation was illegitimate.

Carlson said that both situations are "not the reception that the people who say they are survivors of abuse seem to get from the left."

Monahan said the #MeToo movement "on both sides" appears to use "women's pain... as a tool for politics."

A Minneapolis Star-Tribune survey now has Republican Doug Wardlow leading Ellison by about 7 points in the race for state attorney general.

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