On "Hannity" Monday, Geraldo Rivera and former Trump aide Sebastian Gorka sparred while discussing the massive migrant caravan marching toward the U.S. border with the apparent intent to cross into America.

"I don't want a confrontation on our southern border because somebody's going to get hurt or worse," Sean Hannity said.

Rivera said that the debate over the caravan is not about "MS-13 [or] Middle Easterners" as President Trump has said.

"This is about the wealthiest country on Earth," Rivera began before Hannity cut in: "You don't know one person in that crowd."

Rivera said it would be "easy" to find the gang members and potential terrorists in the crowd of thousands.

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"The problem is that you have the thousands [who are] desperate to improve their lot in life," he said. "What are you going to do, shoot them?"

Gorka said that the "shoot them" comment was "beneath" Rivera.

"Don't you insult me," Rivera responded. 

"Geraldo, I'm an immigrant, OK? This is important to me," Gorka replied.

Watch more of the heated debate above.

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