A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows that President Trump's job approval has increased by three percent since September, making the 47 percent mark his highest ever.

The president's disapproval has dropped by the same margin. Republicans are also in the lead by one percentage point on a generic ballot across the country's 69 battleground districts, according to the poll.

It also shows that the "high interest" in this year's midterm elections is far exceeding the interest in 2014.

RealClearPolitics co-founder Tom Bevan said Monday on Fox & Friends that while interest in the midterms doesn't necessarily translate to votes, the electorate is ready for November.

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Bevan said that since "there's no escaping politics in our everyday lives," Americans are more tuned-in than ever before.

"That's partly the Trump effect," he said. "He's in the news, he's driving the news every day whether you love him or don't."

The poll found that among registered voters, those who would prefer Democrats take control of Congress after the midterms is 48 percent, a drop of 12 points since September.

"In these competitive districts, [the Democrats'] generic ballot lead has disappeared," Bevan said.

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