The Five was live from Dallas, Texas, on Monday, and the panel discussed at length the border security issue facing the Lone Star State and the rest of America.

Jesse Watters reacted to the growing "caravan," including people from Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua, marching toward America seeking entry into the country.

He said that America is indeed a "melting pot" for immigrants but that it is also a "nation of laws" -- including those governing proper immigration procedures.

Watters said the media is making out the caravan to be impoverished families while many of the images show working-age men, some of whom "brutally broke through" the border into Mexico and began fighting with police.

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Watters said that when the caravan participants get close enough to America, they rely on drug cartels to help smuggle them into America at several thousand dollars a pop.

"The drug cartels [are] basically acting like toll booth operators for America," Watters said.

He said that President Trump is correct to say that Mexico has to "step up" and help stop the caravan.

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