Candace Owens said Monday on Fox & Friends that Americans are growing tired of the repeated harassment of Republicans by those on the left.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was accosted by a man at a Kentucky restaurant last week, however, many other diners called for the man to leave McConnell alone.

The incident is the most recent example of a GOP official being publicly harassed.

"Civility should be a bipartisan agreement," Owens, Turning Point USA's communications director, said on Monday. "This is not a left or right issue."

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Owens -- who has been publicly confronted multiple times -- said she was proud to see others defending McConnell.

"We've really reached peak lunacy on the left and it's time to sort of dial this back down," she said. "We need the American people to come together once and for all."

She touted the country's booming economy, added that there's nothing to be angry about that would need to be taken out on Republicans.

"I hope that we don't have to keep seeing this happen," she said.

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