Although Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) is leading among millennials in his Senate race against Ted Cruz (R), it seems as though many of his younger supporters can't explain why they support him.

Campus Reform Media Director Cabot Phillips visited Texas A&M University, where students who said they'd vote for O'Rourke in November resoundingly couldn't name anything he has accomplished.

"He's been working really hard," one student said, adding that O'Rourke now has a platform to make a big difference in Texas.

Another student said that the Democrat has accomplished "getting his name out there."

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Phillips said Monday on Fox & Friends that many students head to college and fall in line with supporting Democrats because it isn't challenged.

He said they're aware of the backlash conservative voters receive, leading them to support candidates they know little about.

"It's sad because their vote counts just as much as everyone else's vote," Phillips said.

Another student told Phillips that although O'Rourke doesn't have Senate experience, his campaign is the "experience he needs."

Phillips added on Monday that after visiting more than 100 college campuses, there seems to be an "overwhelming pressure" to be on the left.

"A lot of the left, their rhetoric is about feelings. ... I think that's the message of the left, more feelings than facts."

Watch the segment above, and see more of Phillips' interviews with Texas A&M students below.

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