Former acting ICE Director Tom Homan praised President Trump's threat of military action at the southern border Sunday on Fox & Friends.

The president tweeted on Thursday that if necessary, he'd call in the U.S. military to stop the thousands of migrants attempting to gain illegal entry into the country.

The caravan marched toward the Mexican city of Tapachula early on Sunday, escorted by law enforcement.

Homan said on Sunday that the option of military intervention to protect the border is one that needs to be on the table.

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"I'm glad we've got a president that's a bulldog and is gonna protect this country at all costs," Homan said. "Thank god Donald Trump's sitting in the White House."

Homan said the majority of illegal immigrants attempting to cross the border aren't trying to escape fear and persecution, but rather to join family members already in America.

He also said that the controversial family separations that happened as a result of Trump's zero-tolerance policy at the border could have been avoided.

"The whole reason family separations happened was because Congress -- specifically the Democrats -- will not close the loopholes that are causing this stuff," he said. "If they would have closed these loopholes when we asked them to, none of this stuff would have been happening."

The president on Saturday labeled Democrats as "obstructionists" in a tweet and said that if they would come together, new immigration laws could be agreed upon in "less than one hour."

Homan, though, said he has very little faith in the Democratic Party.

"American voters need to call their Republican senator and their Republican congressman and tell them to make this happen."

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