A Republican congressional candidate in California took a humorous approach to compare her opponent to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

The latest ad for Elizabeth Heng depicts Jim Costa (D) in red high heels, or "Nancy Pelosi's shoes," struggling to walk down the street.

Heng said Sunday on Fox & Friends that the "lighthearted" ad was meant to show how Costa supports Pelosi's policies like sanctuary cities and gun control.

"We're really excited about the message it sends," she said.

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"Votes against the farm bill, but supports sanctuary cities, higher taxes, more spending, gun control and a money-wasting bullet train. Allows San Francisco environmentalists to deny us our water. Nancy Pelosi? Yep, but also, surprisingly, Jim Costa," the ad's narration says.

Costa told The Fresno Bee in a statement that he has "long believed the Democratic Party needs new leadership."

Heng told Ed Henry that Costa has been "too busy" attacking her and hasn't focused on key issues in California’s 16th congressional district, like access to water.

As Fox News reported, "at least 46 Democratic candidates have said they would not vote for [Pelosi] for House speaker if the party gains the majority."

Watch the ad below.

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