Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was shouted down by angry protesters during a speaking appearance this week at New York University.

Kissinger, 95, was invited to the university's Stern School of Business on Tuesday, which was the 45th anniversary of when he received his Nobel Peace Prize.

According to the Washington Square News, NYU's school newspaper, close to 100 people gathered to protest Kissinger.

He was called a "war criminal" by one protester and then told to "rot in hell" by another during the invite-only event.

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Kissinger's 1973 Nobel Prize has been criticized due to his alleged involvement in the 1969 bombings in Cambodia as part of the Vietnam War.

Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo -- an alumnus of NYU -- said Friday on “The Ingraham Angle” that even former Republican officials aren't immune to harassment.

"This went on and on. He barely got through the evening," Arroyo said.

Campus Reform reported that although the event ultimately went forward as planned, those who interrupted and shouted in protest were removed from the room.

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