Shocking video shows a leftist protester in Portland, Oregon, harassing a woman who lost her husband in 9/11.

Warning: Video contains graphic language.

The incident appears to have occurred on Oct. 13 after a "flash march for Law and Order" was organized by a conservative group, according to The Daily Wire

Video shows the woman and a man, who appears to have been protesting the march, at a crosswalk, waiting to cross the street.

The protester begins the verbal spat by saying to the woman, "Why are you trying to block me, I'm f***ing trying to walk here."

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After he called her a "f***ing snarky, little f***ing idiot," he said. "I'm not like ... your cop boyfriend who is going to f***ing knock you out."

The woman pointed to her NYPD hat and told the man, "My husband died on 9/11," to which he replied, "Good, good. NYPD was a bunch of sodomizers, f***ing sodomizing immigrants with their bully sticks."

"Your husband ... should rot in the grave."

Author and attorney Ann Coulter said Friday on Tucker Carlson Tonight that Democrats ought to be having a "blue wave" in the upcoming midterms but won't because "they've gone mad."

"They're insane," she said

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