Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh told Sean Hannity in an exclusive hour-long interview that he believes the GOP will keep control of the House and increase its Senate majority.

"That's justice. The Democrat Party deserves to lose in the single biggest landslide defeat in my lifetime just for the actions they've taken in the last month," he said, referring to the allegations leveled against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and recent rhetoric by Democrats. 

On "America's Newsroom" Friday, Bill Hemmer asked Ed Rollins - 1984 campaign manager for Ronald Reagan - whether Limbaugh's optimistic forecast will come to fruition on November 6th. 

Jokingly nicknamed "Yoda" by Hemmer for his campaign expertise, Rollins threw cold water on the idea put forth by Limbaugh and others that Republicans will keep control of the House.

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"They don't count votes like I do," he said, explaining why the odds are so long for the GOP on the House side. 

"The House is very much in jeopardy. ... There are 15 seats that are now gone, nine are open seats. There are another 25 to 30 that are our seats that are in play. There are only about two or three Democrat seats in play. We're totally on defense. Everything has to go our way to break even," he said. 

Rollins did say, however, that the Republicans are in good shape to pick up a few Senate seats. Juan Williams agreed that the landscape in the Senate is "very favorable" for Republicans, while the opposite is true in the House. 

Rollins said President Trump and his team have done a "brilliant" job of scheduling rallies in states with key Senate races, creating "energy" among Republican voters. 

"If you tell me who's gonna vote, I'll tell you who's gonna win," said Rollins, adding that the illegal immigration issue drives Republican turnout. 

Watch the discussion above and check out the Limbaugh interview!

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