Fox News correspondent Griff Jenkins reported live from near the Texas-Mexico border as Border Patrol agents arrested several groups of illegal immigrants Friday morning.  

Jenkins followed Border Patrol agents deep into a brushy area near McAllen, Texas, where agents apprehended three men in their 20s. All were coming from El Salvador or Guatemala originally. 

A canine assisted the agents to find the men hiding in the brush before the sun rose. Jenkins said the illegal crossers will be prosecuted by ICE, unlike family units who seek asylum. 

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Jenkins said a Mexican man arrested by the agents earlier may have been a "guide" for groups of crossers. He said in the last few hours, the Border Patrol apprehended multiple groups attempting to sneak over the border. 

"Literally in 90 minutes we've chased what is now four groups. According to the agents here, as many as 75 to 100 illegal aliens are actively trying to cross into the United States at this very moment," he explained.

The arrests came after President Trump threatened to use the U.S. military to shut down the southern border if Mexican officials did not stop a separate caravan of 4,000 migrants moving north from Central America.

U.S. and Mexican officials agreed late Thursday on a plan to handle the approaching migrant caravan. Under the deal, which was developed over the course of several months, Mexico requested that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) establish shelters along its southern border with Central America, an official told Fox News.

Watch the compelling report above from "Fox & Friends."

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