As former top FBI lawyer James Baker testifies about the Russia investigation before Congress, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said he would like to see lawmakers focus more directly on Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe and the "insipid corruption" behind it.

Baker, who left the bureau earlier this year, is testifying before the House Judiciary Committee behind closed doors Thursday about the genesis of the FBI's Russia case and about the surveillance warrant application for Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

On "America's Newsroom," Fitton said Baker presumably "knows everything" about the Russia case and is being forthcoming, but he would prefer to see congressional investigators concentrate on the "Mueller operation."

"I think what Mueller's done needs to be the focus of Congress," Fitton said. "And if I were Congress, I'd be having Mr. Mueller come in and testify."

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He ran down some of the questions he would have for Mueller, including why so many members of his team are Democrats and why he fired Peter Strzok from the team but didn't explain it for months.

"Basic operational questions about Robert Mueller's administration of the special counsel investigation," Fitton said, adding he would also ask Mueller about the length of the probe and why he's "targeting" President Trump despite a lack of evidence of any Russian collusion.

"We don't need a special counsel. It should be shut down. Any crimes that have been uncovered that need to be pursued can be pursued in the ordinary course by Justice Department employees, U.S. attorneys and such."

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