In an exclusive, hour-long interview with Sean Hannity, EIB radio host, author and conservative analyst Rush Limbaugh gave his take on numerous pressing issues facing America -- including the state of the Democratic Party.

Limbaugh said that many in the Democratic Party and the far-left do not want America to retain its status as a world superpower.

"They don't even want to make America great. They resent this whole idea of America becoming great," Limbaugh said.

"We're the good guys. They don't think so."

Limbaugh said he "shudders" when he thinks of what a 'President Hillary Clinton' would have done to America's standing in the world.

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"All her cronies [would be] in all the cabinet positions and the validation of all these oddball, weird [and] perverted left wing behaviors [would become] more and more normalized," he said.

He said the left has made America into a country consisting of "nothing but a bunch of victims, constantly angry and demanding that somebody do something about it -- instead of all of us... using self-reliance and our own initiative to handle life ourselves."

Limbaugh added that Democrats have "thrown everything at Trump" that would normally cause a Republican to back down, but that the president's resilience has forced the left to "overplay" their hands.

"They hate him, they despise him," he said. "This is going way over the bounds... of propriety."

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