Singer-songwriter Gavin DeGraw made an impromptu call to "Fox & Friends" Thursday morning after hearing one of his songs played on the show. 

After DeGraw's hit "Chariot" was played as the show was coming back from break, Steve Doocy mentioned that he had DeGraw's number in his phone.

A few minutes later, Doocy received a text from from the "Fox & Friends" fan, saying "good job," and then the multi-platinum-selling musician followed up with a phone call.

"Do you watch 'Fox & Friends' every morning?" Doocy asked.

"I love the news, let me tell you. I'm a news addict," DeGraw said.

Brian Kilmeade expressed surprise that DeGraw was awake early enough to catch "Fox & Friends" with his busy schedule.

"Our image of a star like you is you played until 4 o'clock in the morning, then you went to a diner and you're sound asleep until noon," Kilmeade joked. "Is that not the life?"

Watch the spontaneous moment above.

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