Tucker Carlson blasted the Democratic Party for many of its politicians' rhetoric and some of its supporters' violent acts against Republicans.

He also spoke with now-former Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, Democratic Party Executive Director Mark Salvas, who was forced to resign for posting "I stand for the flag and kneel for the cross" on social media.

Carlson said Republican candidates in Minnesota were recently assaulted by Democrats, with one man being diagnosed with a concussion after being sucker punched.

In Vermont, a female Republican candidate received a death threat in the mail, and a Soros-linked activist was arrested for battery against a Republican candidate's campaign manager.

"Anyone who dissents from the one true faith of cultural leftism" is fair game, Carlson said of the left's apparent creed.

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"The left is angry at America. They say it all the time," he said, adding that Presidents Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, and Clinton do not reflect the Democratic Party of today.

"Anyone who considers America a distinct, physical place with a [common] language and cultural values... won't feel comfortable in the Democratic Party," Carlson said.

To the left, he said, America is simply "an economy with land attached -- a massive private equity scheme from which they are benefiting."

He said that American citizens are just "interchangeable human widgets" who can be replaced at-will with new humans.

Salvas later told Carlson that his own experience with the radical turn in the Democratic Party "makes [him] wonder if there is room for moderate Democrats."

"Unfortunately, if my patriotism... has become insensitive, then we as Democrats need to stop and reevaluate what we stand for," Salvas said.

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