The "Outnumbered" panel agreed Thursday that the claims of "rogue killers" targeting Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi are not plausible. 

President Trump said the United States has asked Turkey for audio and video recordings from inside the Saudi consulate "if it exists." Earlier in the day, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stressed the need to allow Saudi Arabia and Turkey to investigate what happened. 

Turkish media reported Wednesday on the alleged gruesome details of Khashoggi's death inside the consulate in Istanbul, including his dismemberment by a Saudi autopsy expert. 

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Katie Pavlich remarked there is not a lot of "firsthand knowledge" out there about what happened, but the idea that "rogue killers" gained entry into the consulate without the knowledge of the Saudi government "doesn't pass muster."

Former Obama State Department official Marie Harf emphasized that a New York Times report identified four associates of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman as being present at the consulate. 

"The idea that these are rogue Saudi security agents who thought in a NATO country they could kill a dissident, dismember him and then claim the Saudi government somehow wasn't behind it? That just doesn't pass the common sense test," said Harf.

Watch the discussion above.

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