In her Ingraham Angle commentary, Laura Ingraham listed the far-left Democrats who are poised to take over the House of Representative's most important committees if their party wins in November -- and what that means for you.

Besides Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) likely making a run for speaker of the House and Rep. Adam Schiff projected to take over for fellow Californian Devin Nunes in the Intelligence Committee, Ingraham said that there are many more obscure but noteworthy politicians who will have great effect on the average American.

Every voting member of the House faces reelection in 2018, but with the assumption that all of the high-profile Democrats will be reelected, Ingraham said there is much concern for the future.

Rep. Maxine Waters of California, who has repeatedly said she wants to impeach President Trump, could be the chairwoman of the powerful financial services committee.

Rep. Jerrold Nadler, a longtime Democratic fixture from Manhattan's Upper West Side, is reportedly hoping to ascend to the chairmanship of the judiciary committee.

Ingraham said Nadler is anxious to further investigate Justice Brett Kavanaugh and sexual misconduct claims against him.

She said that Nadler could seek to impeach Kavanaugh, which would be the first impeachment of a justice on the high court since 1804.

Ingraham warned that another New Yorker, Rep. Nita Lowey (D-Rockland-Westchester), would become the "queen of the House" -- as the chairwoman of the appropriations committee.

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Lowey would be in charge of Congress' purse strings, which Ingraham noted are Americans' purse strings.

Ingraham warned that Rep. Richard Neal, who represents the Berkshire region of Massachusetts, would likely lead the House Ways and Means Committee.

Neal has been a consistent opponent of the Trump tax cuts, and could help roll them back if he took the leadership role, Ingraham said.

Oregon Democrat Peter DeFazio could become chairman of the transportation committee -- and has pledged to enact strict oversight of the Trump hotel in Washington, and the government agency that was involved in the transaction of the Old Post Office building it sits in.

Ingraham said that longtime Trump critic Elijah Cummings of Maryland likely would become the oversight committee chairman.

She gave a laundry list of anti-Trump promises Cummings has made if he is installed in leadership.

She pressed the audience to get out and vote to avoid a "liberal House takeover."

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