George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley reacted to Maine Sen. Susan Collins' alma mater considering rescinding an honorary degree over her vote to confirm Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Collins attended St. Lawrence University near Ogdensburg, N.Y., but was the subject of a 1,300-signature petition to take away an honorary degree given to the centrist Republican.

As Fox News reported:

More than 1,300 alumni of St. Lawrence University in New York signed onto a letter saying Collins “lack[s] the integrity and commitment to justice that we expect from the St. Lawrence body.”

“We ask that the University revoke this honorary degree as we find that she is not deserving of it in the face of her recent actions. We ask the university to do this in support of truth and for all of the victims of sexual assault and violence, of which many of her fellow alumni and students have suffered,” the letter read, in part.

Nearly 100 faculty members have also demanded the university revoke the degree to “communicate that we find the dismantling of rape culture more important than saving face or avoiding critique that has the potential to threaten relationships with people who wield considerable power.”

They said Collins “did not carefully weigh all the available evidence” when determining Ford’s testimony was “lacking credibility.”

Turley said that the professors and graduates involved are seeking to "retroactively punish Susan Collins for reaching a conclusion different than their own."

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"Power without principle is little more than a mob dressed up as a movement," he wrote earlier Wednesday in a separate column.

Martha MacCallum, who noted she also graduated from St. Lawrence, said she still valued the education it gave her.

Turley said those involved are "leveraging" that educational history and "doing great harm to the institution."

"When she did vote with her party... they recognized how great it was to break party ranks," he said. "When she didn't, somehow that means she doesn't uphold the values of the university."

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