Tucker Carlson said Tuesday that the "frenzy to oppose all that Trump endorses" led Democrats to "tar" Justice Brett Kavanaugh as a racist and make other untimely decisions.

Carlson said that Democrats refused to take on Kavanaugh on his jurisprudence, instead deciding to attack him with scurrilous claims.

He said that since Kavanaugh's confirmation, Republicans have been rising in the polls and that the Democrats' lesson from that phenomenon should be that they "keep your crazies under control" until Election Day.

However, with Sen. Elizabeth Warren's (D-Mass.) Native American DNA test announcement, Carlson said that effort proved largely fruitless.

He called the situation involving Warren "a bizarre, self-inflicted injury" for the potential 2020 presidential candidate who is seeking reelection this November as well.

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Carlson said that New York Times editorial staffer Mara Gay invoked the phrase "white anxieties among Donald Trump's base" while discussing Warren -- which he saw as yet another bad move.

In Arizona, Carlson said the crazy statements continued with Senate hopeful Kyrsten Sinema being "exposed as a lunatic."

Carlson said Sinema opposes all immigration laws, and has made statements finding "the Taliban more bearable than [U.S.] citizens."

Sinema also said that her state is the "meth lab of democracy."

In addition, Carlson said, riotous left-wing protesters have turned the city of Portland, Ore. into something resembling "downtown Managua" -- the Nicaraguan capital.

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