The artist behind a painting of President Trump surrounded by his Republican predecessors discussed the inspiration behind the piece Tuesday on Fox & Friends.

The painting by Andy Thomas was spotted by many social media users on Sunday after it was seen during Trump's "60 Minutes" interview.

It depicts the president sitting with the "Republican Club," drinking a Diet Coke and flanked by Theodore Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan and others.

Thomas said on Tuesday that the portrait was the newest iteration in his series of presidential pictures.

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He added that his wife notified him of the social media reaction to his painting being in the White House.

Trump also called Thomas' home to talk about the piece.

"It was a really special moment," he said. "I had a very nice conversation. [Trump was] very kind, very complimentary. It was great."

Thomas also said Trump was "a challenge" to paint due to the complexion of his skin and lack of shadows on his face.

He describes himself as someone who isn't particularly political, but enjoys painting political pictures.

Thomas has also painted a series of portraits featuring Democratic presidents.

"It started as a challenge. To do seven portraits in one painting, you have to have the right size, the right color, the right lighting. I mean, it's a challenge," he said.

Watch the interview from Fox & Friends above.

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