A war veteran and former top Democrat in Pennsylvania defended the Facebook posts that ultimately led to his resignation Tuesday on "Fox & Friends First."

Mark Salvas was forced to resign as executive director of the Allegheny County Democratic Party after two of his posts were deemed insensitive.

One post was a photo of Salvas and his wife with the words "I stand for the flag, I kneel at the cross," and the other showed support for an officer charged in the fatal shooting of an African-American teenager.

He said on Tuesday that Officer Michael Rosfeld, who has been charged with homicide in the June shooting, is a close family friend of his.

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Pennsylvania Rep. Ed Gainey (D) told CBS 2 Pittsburgh that Salvas' post was insensitive to African-American Democrats.

Salvas said that he disagrees with Gainey's sentiment.

"I stand for the flag. I'm unabashedly patriotic," he said.

Rosfeld had been sworn in mere hours before the shooting occurred and had worked at the East Pittsburgh Police Department for a few weeks.

Salvas said that although a court will ultimately decide whether Rosfeld is guilty or not, "there's a human side" to the situation.

"Both families are grieving. I just happen to know the officer's family very closely," he said. "We decided we wanted to show support and be there for them as they were for us when my family had gone through tough times in the past."

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