A former Homeland Security official from the Obama administration, who said he became a "target" for blowing the whistle on the extremely lax vetting procedure for sponsors of illegal immigrant children, spoke out Tuesday about the new throng of migrants headed north toward the U.S.

A sprawling group of Central Americans began hiking northward toward the United States, and were videotaped in Ocotepeque, Honduras earlier this week.

President Trump said on Twitter he warned Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez on Tuesday that unless he stops the migrants in his country, the White House will cut off recurring American aid money "immediately."

Jason Piccolo, who is no longer with DHS, said on "Fox & Friends" that President Barack Obama had released thousands of unaccompanied minors to "sponsors" in the United States with criminal backgrounds.

He said that the vetting procedures were effectively nonexistent, to the point that some children of "tender age" were released to individuals with sex-crime convictions.

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Piccolo said in a Washington Examiner column that of the 29,000 sponsors on a spreadsheet sent to him in 2015, nearly 3,700 were convicts. After he became a whistle-blower, Piccolo said, he was "targeted."

Piccolo praised the recent changes to the vetting system, crediting Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) with shepherding a policy proposal through Congress that now requires sponsors be fingerprinted.

Of the caravan of migrants heading north, Piccolo said that America has consulates throughout Mexico that should work to stop the potential illegal immigrants -- but expressed doubt Congress would act to help such a cause.

"We have the opportunity now -- we know where [the migrants] are at," he said.

When asked by Steve Doocy whether blowing the whistle on the formerly lax vetting procedures, Piccolo said, "Definitely."

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