Greg Gutfeld reacted to an ad put out by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, in an apparent response to President Trump repeatedly labeling her "Pocahontas" and riffing on her claims of Native American ancestry.

Gutfeld said that in the ad, Warren (D-Mass.) shares her DNA results "with somber relatives and [the spot] even includes me."

In part of the ad, a clip from Gutfeld's former program, "Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld" shows the host joking that Elizabeth Warren "translates to Spreading Bull" in Cherokee.

Warren is seen on speakerphone with a genealogist, saying that Trump has called her mother, Pauline Herring, a liar.

The genealogist tells her the "facts suggest that you absolutely have a Native American ancestor in your pedigree."

Gutfeld said that, however, the test reportedly showed Warren "potentially [holds] 1/1024th" Native American ancestry.

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He said she has been "relying on sentiment and victimhood" and is using that fraction of her heritage to "claim the experience of an oppressed group and their grievances."

"She is a white woman of vast European ancestry, who went to the buffet of identity politics [and] took seconds, then thirds."

He said she may be eligible for the 2018 "Rachel Dolezal Award" -- a reference to a former NAACP official who is white but identified as black.

Gutfeld said that, citing the range of percentages reported about Warren's Native American heritage, she may actually hold less of said ancestry than the average Caucasian American.

He said that a National Institutes of Health report showed most whites are, on average, 0.18 percent Native American.

Gutfeld said that DNA test may soon become the newest tool in "affirmative action" endeavors.

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